Hey! I'm Paula, 17, a sorta-normal-but-not-really-at-all person that lives on this planet you exist on. I aim for smiles. POOF. (:
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Can’t keep your attention, eh?

A girl that sits beside me apparently didn’t pay attention in math class, so she wanted me to explain to her how to do it. I was starting to explain, and then she says,"Oh you have pandas on your nails!"

Me: "Um, yeah, thanks." *makes a little smile*

Her: "They are so cute!"

Me: I nod, and I was about to resume my explanation on how to do the math, but I forgot what I was going to say, so I kinda just stared blankly at the page trying to remember where I left off. All I said at this point was “Um, uu, um.” 

Her: "Oh I’ll just ask the teacher."

Me: in my mind: "You should have done that in the first place you bozo."

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